Grading rules for veneer


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Veneers are graded from the defects in the whole sheet of the veneer.

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  • Natural defects: sound knot, dead knot, burl, discoloration, worm holes, etc.
  • Manufacturing defects: splits, rough cut, overlap, waves, etc.

Rough cut is caused by blunt blade. Splits, overlap and waves are mostly caused by over dried. Veneers are mostly dried to M/C 12-14%. If the M/C is over 18%, the veneers appear very flat and nice, but not good for storage.

Sound defects :

  • sound knot.
  • discoloration.
  • closed splits.
  • rough cut.
  • waves.
  • overlap.

Open defects :

  • dead knot/knot holes.
  • worm holes.
  • open splits/cracks
  • repaired holes/patches


This is a general catalogue. Actually 2 grades are possible from it.
Open defects are not allowed but some scattered worm holes are allowed, which are inconspicuous.
Sound knots, burls and rough cut is accepted. Minor discoloration can be accepted


Nearly the same like FACE GRADE. A bit more discolouration, 1 – 2 small holes, a few splits.

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Single Bundle (SB)

10cm and wider by 100cm and longer – there may be an occasional mistake where a bundle less than 100cm is

Furniture (FA or FAB)

10cm and wieder by 160cm and longer with about 15% max 100cm and up. A few open defects may be left in, as long as there is a useable cut around the defect

Panel (PA or PAB)

11cm and wider by 255cm and longer – should be 100% sound without open defects – A grade will be more clean than AB in terms of character marks and structure.

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